Karaokeversjon av "Traces"



Nå har det blitt lagt ut en karaoke versjon av "Traces" på Spotify, Tidal og Apple! 

Spotify: http://bit.ly/TraceskaraokeSpotify
TIDAL: http://bit.ly/TraceskaraokeTIDAL
Apple: http://bit.ly/TraceskaraokeApple


Lær deg teksten og syng med <3 




There´s scilence all around

cuz traces leave no sound

but the memories still whisper from afar

Like an everlastin eccho in my heart


I still go back in time

And feel your hand in mine

And the soft and knowing smile upon your face

The one that time cannot erase


My heart will always find

What you have left behind

 If only you were here i´d let you know

Your with me everywhere I go

Cuz deep inside I´ll always find the traces of your love


As summer turns to fall

You re with me through it all

Cuz in every step to dreams that I pursue

I feel confident and strong because of you






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